Thomas Henry Pope – Author

Navigating Rivers of Corruption

In their work, writers light torches to dispel shadows. The best of them fashion night vision goggles for us, so we can negotiate paths through the darkest places of being alive. Tom became aware of his destiny with novels listening to his father read the classics in a voice that captured the full gamut of humanity struggling with passion and its consequences. As groundwork, he learned the economy and potency of lines by writing songs. Along the way he has been a builder, an EMT, an actor, a journalist, a teacher, a farmer, a coach and a motorcycle mechanic.  

Be they heroes or bit players, be they in a thriller setting, on a quest, or mired in conundrums favored by literary fiction, his characters encounter pressures that worry open the flaws in their world views. Where they go next depends on whether it is light or floodwaters that pour though the cracks and whether ambition helps or hinders them.

He lives in Vermont where the peepers sing.