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April 4, 2018 – Crazy Man

Many years ago, as both an aspiring songwriter and practitioner of Dharma, I composed this song of awe for my Tibetan teacher who died this day in 1987. Note: the word and image “crazy” to denote “wise, compassionate, and liberated from suffering” points out that we who are mired in illusion see depth, clarity and peace as too far from the norm to understand.

Crazy Man - Lyrics


he is a crazy man

he doesn’t care if he sits or stands

he can stare at an empty wall

and relate to nothing at all

and he lives out in open space

raindrops falling wash his face

the music ringing in his ears

he is here



the crazy man is smiling

he knows the cost of living

and he’s not afraid to lose


he knows the peace in freedom

there’s nothing left to give him

he’s got all he can use


the doctors come

and standing in a row

they sympathize

but it’s all for show

and they shake their heads between them

and they go

and so he rides

on his silent train

never gives commands

or pulls the reins

nothing flashes in his brain

like suicidal thoughts or pain



oh how I wish

I was a Buddha child

and didn’t care

if I cried or smiled

I’d just be here

I’d just be here

I want to live

like a tree on land

I want to be like you

crazy man

and sit beside you in the sun

until my life is done

I want to watch the river run

until my time has come


© 2018 Thomas Henry Pope

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  1. Irini Rockwell

    Listening to your song so touched my heart.
    Such a beautiful voice, such a beautiful song.
    So fortunate we have been to have this crazy man in our lives. He lives still with us.

  2. Jenny M Burnstad

    Tom….your voice is like petrichor…I learned this word and heard this song within the same 6 minutes this evening. You translated your devotion into a sublime song….I could listen to this tune for much longer than the recording. How wonderful to have had a teacher so inspiring.

    • Tomas

      Jenny, thanks for the language lesson! And glad you liked it.

  3. Caroline DeMaio

    Lovely song, Tom! Thanks for posting it on this day.

  4. Leigh Jones-Bamman

    Tom, it’s wonderful to hear your voice and music again! Have times changed? For some, yes, for others, no.

    • Tomas

      Thanks, Leigh, for stopping by!

  5. Tom Edwards

    Thomas, times have changed. It’s time more people heard this. Good song!


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Posted March 26, 2018 – Don’t Tell Anybody

When I wrote Don’t Tell Anybody twenty-five years ago this month, agents said there was no place for it in the market, that people weren’t ready for its message. Since then, perhaps a billion women have suffered harm, abuse and even death at the hands of men.

(Yes, children and men have suffered too.) Please comment if you think times have changed.

And thanks for listening.



Everywhere she goes

She sees the shadow of a man

It keeps coming up behind her

A wicked reminder

One she doesn’t understand

So she stumbles through the years

A child without a choice

Afraid to remember

Compelled to surrender

To this evil inner voice

It says:



Don’t tell anybody

If they ask you lie

Don’t you ever breathe a word

Or one of us will die

Don’t tell anybody

Or you will lose my love

All your life you better keep it

A dirty little secret

A dirty little secret



Guilty memories

Should she have resisted?

Drowning in shame

Why is she to blame?

Funny how things gets twisted

She has a habit in her heart

Love is her addiction

She spends her days in aggression

Her nights in confession

Always true to his conviction



She doesn’t hanve many choices

Holding a losing hand

She can give her love away

Or take it like a man

Don’t Tell. Don’t tell.

Never, never

Keep it buried forever



 © 2018 Thomas Henry Pope